TREES…God’s HINT to Humanity?

I wrote this book to share about an awesome connection – a connection with God through, believe it or not, TREES.
I had a stunning serendipity one season that led to a richer form of knowing God. It occurred when I discovered that He was most likely speaking through what He has made – what was all around us – nature.
After reading this book, I hope that you will connect with God in a newer and richer way every time you simply look outside. Though you will read about other revelations from God through the world outside, this book largely centers on the biggest and grandest view of nature: TREES. This might sound wonky, but bear with me. By the time you’re finished reading, you may come to realize, recognize and appreciate like i did, That on Earth, God is blatantly revealing Himself in the loudest way, through one of His largest and most awe striking creations.
May this book connect you more intimately with the heavens than ever before. If it is truly a brand new connection, then I pray that you will bond for the first time with the Maker of the universe. Have you looked up lately? His divine power is imbued in every leaf on every tree.



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